Issues concerning the environment are a big topic of conversation in today’s society. People are encouraged to go green and to do their part in saving the environment. This could be anything from recycling, being aware of their energy consumption and to limit their dependency on fuel that is stored in fuel tanks. As global warming is becoming more and more of a worry, to both the average person as well as becoming a huge topic in the political field, the earth and our environment are at risk of severe damage if things do not change soon.

Because of the earth’s gradual rise in temperature due to global warming, emissions need to be reduced in order to stop the current damage already done, and to hopefully find a remedy to reverse global warming.

The dependency on our need for fuel in fuel tanks needs to change quickly. The use of fuel needs to be reduced and alternative way has to be developed. Liquefied petroleum gas, also called LPG and stored in fuel tanks, is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases that has been created to reduce carbon emissions and to reduce damage to the ozone layer. The fuel tanks with LPG also emit less carbon than butane. By using LPG fuel tanks instead of damaging fossil fuels is a step in the right direction. It is steps like these that will be of a great help to the future of our environment and of our earth.